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Acrylic Pouring is sooooo much fun. It is a great stress reliever and a highly fulfilling hobby. And it be turned into a business as well. How cool is that!!!

If you haven't started yet, what are you waiting for??? Seriously, you will fall in love once you try it.

And the beauty of Fluid Art is that every piece is unique!

However, I know it can get overwhelming in the beginning... specially with all of the million techniques out there. So I decided to create this blog and a Youtube channel to help you learn how to get started, provide some inspiration, and help you along your pouring journey!

You can learn how to get started with this FREE Acrylic Pouring Guide and the awesome info in this step-by-step supplies guide

Now let's get started with some videos!!!

Free Beginner Paint Pour Tutorial Series

Video 1 - Dollar Store Supplies for under $10

Learn what items you can get from your dollar store to make your first painting for under $10. You will learn what you need to get to get started for cheap.

Video 2 - How to Do Your First Painting

In this step-by-step video you are going to learn how to use your dollar store supplies to make your very first acrylic pour painting.

Video 3 - What's Next?

In this video you are going to learn what supplies to get to take your acrylic pouring to the next level and get started with your acrylic pouring journey!

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