Acrylic Pouring Calculator

Online Paint Pouring Tool

This Acrylic Pouring Calculator is your easy way to get perfect paint pours! If you're an aspiring fluid artist, you know the importance of getting your paint-to-canvas ratio just right. This free online tool takes the guesswork out of the equation, helping you achieve your desired results without wasting precious materials. Whether you're working on a square/rectangular masterpiece or a round format canvas, my calculator simplifies the process.




Using the Acrylic Pouring Calculator:

  1. Choose Your Shape: Select your canvas shape – rectangular or round – and pick your preferred measurement units, whether in inches or centimeters.
  2. Consistency Matters: Choose your paint mix consistency: thick (2-3), medium (3-4), thin (4-5), based on my paint consistency indicator tool ranges. Uncertain on how to check your paint consistency? Use our tool for precise results. Enter your paint pouring mixture consistency choice for accurate calculations. The tool will adapt the calculations to your specific formula. 
  3. Dimensions & Depth: Enter the dimensions of your canvas or pouring surface specifying the length, width and height (side of canvas) for any square/rectangular surfaces or diameter and height for round surfaces. If you don’t want to cover the sides, simply enter "0" in the "height" field.

Calculating Your Pouring Mixture:

My calculator provides you with the total amount of pouring paint mixture (including paint, pouring medium, and/or water) required to cover your canvas, displayed in milliliters (ml) or fluid ounces (oz). This precise calculation ensures you have just enough paint to achieve full coverage without wastage.

Get Your Pouring Mix Just Right: 

Tips for Adjusting Paint Amounts with My Acrylic Pouring Calculator

acrylic pouring calculator for fluid artists

I'm thrilled to assist you in your acrylic pouring journey with my handy calculator! While my calculator offers pretty accurate estimates, it's important to always consider your pouring technique. Are you a dramatic tilter who usually spills a lot of paint? If so, then you might need extra paint to compensate for the paint loss during tilting. But if you're into techniques that don't require much tilting, you might find that less paint works like a charm.

Other things such as adding a base layer of paint, pouring on a rough surface, or leaving negative space will also affect how much paint mix you will need. When starting with a base layer or planning to leave some negative space, reduce the total amount of paint mix by 25%-50%. If you are pouring on a rough surface, you will need to increase the amount of paint you use by maybe 10-15%. 

Why Trust My Calculator:

This calculator was designed based on extensive personal experience and has been thoroughly tested by dozens of my students. My acrylic pouring calculator is one of the best paint pouring tools available online to help you approximately calculate how much paint you need with minimum effort. 

I understand the value of your creative materials and aim to help you minimize waste while maximizing your artistic potential. 

So, whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting your acrylic pouring journey, my calculator is your go-to tool for achieving the perfect coverage for your canvas. Say goodbye to unnecessary paint waste and hello to your next fluid art masterpiece!

Need Help with Acrylic Pouring???

Let me guide you every step of the way! Learn how Acrylic Pouring 101 can help you start making beautiful acrylic pour paintings you'll be proud of, fix your mistakes, and most of all... explore the happiness and enjoy the relaxing benefits that this amazing type of art holds!