Paint Pouring Parties and Events

We provide acrylic pouring classes at your home or business! Our paint pouring classes are super fun and will create bonding and unforgettable memories.

Our acrylic pouring classes are perfect for any type of party or event:

  • Birthdays, Anniversaries
  • Date Night
  • Baby Showers, Bridal Party, Bachelorette Party
  • Wine Night
  • Paint Night
  • Corporate Events & Team Building
  • Church group activity
  • Family Reunions or Just to Have Fun with Family or Friends

WARNING: Fluid art is extremely addictive!
Be prepared to have lots of fun and be amazed at how much creativity you possess!

Schedule your acrylic pouring event, class, or party on any day between Monday-Saturday between 9 am and 7pm. Kids 6+ are welcome. 

I come to your home, business, or party venue for FREE if the location is within a 15-mile radius of Provo. For locations exceeding this radius but still within Utah County, a nominal travel fee will be applied. Please feel free to reach out to me for a customized quote regarding destinations beyond the 15-mile range.

Contact us to schedule your event by filling out the form above or by calling or texting us at 602-330-8856.

What is Acrylic Pouring?

Acrylic Pouring, also referred to as Fluid Art, is an extremely fun form of abstract painting!  Instead of using paint brushes, we pour the paint on the canvas. Every paint pour creation comes out entirely unique. It's an absolute blast and therapeutic! 

What Will I Do in a Paint Pouring Class, Party or Event?

You’ll learn different methods of paint pouring like the “dirty pour”, “flip cup”, and “ring pour”.

You will be making your very own abstract masterpiece in an 8x10 inch stretched canvas using the dirty pour, flip cup, or ring pour techniques. You get to choose your own colors! Can upgrade to a 9x12" or 11x14" canvas or make additional paintings for an additional cost. 

Who is Acrylic Pouring For?

Acrylic Pouring is awesome for all ages! It's great for those who are new to acrylic painting as well as more experienced artists.

Our classes are appropriate for ages 6 and up (and adults are welcome too)! 

Acrylic Paint Pouring Classes, Parties & Events are a fun way to celebrate birthdays, baby showers, bridal party, bachelorette party, church group, work group, anniversaries, family reunions or as an activity to do with family and friends. 

One ticket per painter is required. For children under the age of twelve years old, the parent/guardian MUST stay with them or leave an older child in charge.

How Much Does It Cost, When Can I Schedule an Event & Other Details

  • Where are these acrylic pouring workshops held at? These Classes, Parties, or Events are hosted at your home, business, or party venue. Yes, that is right... I come to YOU! Please note that the cost of the venue is covered by the host. For locations more than 15 miles away from Provo, a travel distance fee will apply. Contact me for a personalized quote for locations beyond 15 miles.
  • At what time do you hold these classes? Fluid Art Classes and Parties can be scheduled between Monday-Saturday between 9 am and 6 pm.
  • How long is a paint pouring class, party, or event? These acrylic pouring workshops, classes, parties, or events usually run 1-2 hours based on the number of people attending. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time to check-in, unwind, uncork and get smocked
  • What is the cost for a Party or Event? Cost is $55/person for a party or event with 6-12 participants. Parties/Events that have more than 12 participants have an additional large event setup fee between $100-$500 (depending on the amount of people participating). Contact me for exact pricing.
  • What is the cost for a 1-on-1 class? If you want an in person (or virtual) 1-on-1 class, cost is $250/person.
  • What is the difference between a party/event and a 1-on-1 class? A party/event is a more relaxed and free-style learning experience where the main focus is to just learn the basics of paint pouring and have fun. The minimum number of participants for a party or event is 6 people.

    If you want to learn the basics, learn more in-depth acrylic pouring concepts, try advanced techniques, or want to take acrylic pouring to the next level, then the 1-on-1 class is for you! My personalized 1-on-1 classes offer a structured approach designed to meet your unique needs while having tons of fun as well! 
  • What's included in the price for the party/event or 1-on-1 class? The price for parties/events includes one 8x8 stretched canvas to practice your pouring technique and one 10x10 stretched canvas for your masterpiece. The price for a 1-on-1 class includes 3 (8x8in) canvases to practice your pouring techniques and 2 (12x12in) stretched canvas for your masterpieces. Paints, pouring medium, gloves, supplies, table covers to protect the working surface, and floor covers (if needed) are also included in the ticket price for any party/event or 1-on-1 class.
  • Do I need to supply anything for the class? You will only need to supply the tables for your participants to do their acrylic pours on and snacks or food if you choose to have that at your event. I suggest you use a 6ft long x 2.5ft wide table for every 4 participants so everybody has enough space to do their pour paintings. You will also need 2 extra tables... 1 table where your participants can place their first paintings aside while they are working on their second painting and another table where the painting supplies can be placed on.
  • Can I make more than 1 masterpiece? Yes, you can make an additional painting for just $17 for an 8×10″, $20 for a 9x12", or $25 for an 11×14″ or a 12x12". Make sure you let me know ahead of time so I can bring the necessary supplies to your party/event.
  • Do I need any special type of clothing? Paint pouring is messy, however, most people are fine just using a pair of gloves to protect their hands. If you want to be extra careful or want to make sure you don't get paint on your clothes, you can bring an apron to class or just wear clothes that you don't mind getting some paint on.
  • What else do I need to know? Paintings need to be left to dry for at least 1-2 days before the participants can take their paintings home, so make sure you choose a workspace where the paintings can be left undisturbed for 1-2 days and arrange a pick up time with your participants.

Don't forget to bring a smile and a positive attitude! You will have tons of fun!!!


Call us at 602-330-8856 to check for openings or to schedule your event.


Refund Policy:

We do not issue refunds on deposits for scheduled events, classes or parties. If you book a class, party, or event and later become unable to attend the class or host your party or event, we will gladly offer a credit for a future class or help you reschedule your event if you notify us at least 48 hours before the event. We are unable to offer credits of any kind, or honor reschedule requests, with less than 48 hours advance notice. 

There are no refunds for the class, party, or event if your painting or craft project did not come out the way you wanted it to be.

Our classes and parties require a great deal of pre-planning, including ordering supplies and tools, booking staff, and making commitments to pay our instructors -- all based on the number of students who register. When students or hosts ask to cancel or reschedule at the last minute, we lose money. As a small business, we are unable to absorb these costs and still keep our class prices low. In fairness to all of our customers we are unable to make exceptions to our policy, including for reasons of illness, child care related issues, or travel. If you are unable to attend a workshop at the last minute, we suggest giving your spot to a friend!

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