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Hi, I'm Loida, and this is my online Fantasy Land (aka website) where I escape the troubles of my hectic adult life and embark on creative adventures! From fluid art to magical themed crafts... from whimsical mixed media projects to home decor... AND everything in between!

I'm so glad you're here... and I hope you stick around... this is where the magic happens and I'd like to share it with you!

Travel with me into the realms of my imagination and immerse yourself into my magical world where you can leave your worries behind while you acrylic pour, resin, craft, ride dragons, make magic potions, dream about fairy lands, and more. Let me help you unlock your own imagination!

Learn How to Start Acrylic Pouring Easily and Without Overwhelm: Online Video E-Course

Materials & Basics 

Comprehensive Online Video Course with 25 lessons + BONUSES to help you MASTER all the basics of Acrylic Pouring.

Paint Mixing & Techniques

Learn the techniques you need to make breathtaking art and how to mix your paints to get the right consistency.

Finishing Touches

Learn how to add the finishing touches to your art pieces so they display beautifully and how to avoid a messy back. 

Tips to Avoid Mistakes

Learn the tips and tricks to avoiding muddy colors, bubbles, pinholes, cracks, bare spots, and more. Avoid Costly Mistakes!!!

Free Video Tutorials

Start Acrylic Pouring or Take Your Acrylic Pouring to the Next Level With These FREE Video Tutorials!!!

Full Courses & Tutorials

Awesome Step-by-Step Tutorials and Courses to take Your Art to the Next Level!!!

Acrylic Pouring Video E-Course

Learn How to Start Acrylic Pouring with this Beginner's Video E-Course

PDF Color Palettes

Stop Guessing What Colors to Use for Your Next Paint Pouring Project! Use Our PDF Color Palettes!


See the Various Acrylic Pouring Techniques Used by Different Artists

My Favorite Art Tools

Learn What Products I Currently Use and Recommend to Others

Parties and Events

Have a Blast with Family or Friends at Your Own Paint Pouring Party!


Plan Your Next Resin or Acrylic Pouring Project with These Step-by-Step Guides

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