My 6 Favorite Acrylic Paint Containers for Paint Pouring

Paint pouring is my favorite hobby and probably yours too! But don't you hate all of the prep work??? Personally, I hate mixing my acrylic paints with pouring medium. 

That is why I prefer to just have some batches of pre-mixed paints so that I can get right to pouring whenever I feel like it! So I make batches of different paint colors and then store them in my favorite acrylic paint containers.  

Here is a list of my 6 favorite acrylic paint containers for paint pouring!

1. Condiment Squeeze Bottles

Condiment Squeeze bottles are my favorite type of container for acrylic paints. Not only are they great for storing paint but they are also great for squirting the paint onto your canvas and making designs with the pointed nozzle. 

They are easy to wash and are reusable. Just use a baby bottle brush whenever the bottles need some cleaning.

These 8 oz condiment squeeze bottles are one of my favorite ones to use because they are big enough to hold a good amount of paint mix and even have graduated markings on the body of the bottles so that I can accurately measure my pouring medium and paint.

2. Multi-Purpose Squeeze Bottles

The smaller 4 oz multi-purpose squeeze bottles are also great! I use them whenever I need to store smaller batches of paint mix or for storing my cell activator for my bloom pours.

These are the two types of small squeeze bottles that I like:

#1. The Belinlen 4-Ounce Plastic Squeeze Bottles with Caps come in a 12 pack. It includes 6 extra red tip caps, chalk labels, 1 pen, 1 funnel, and 1 cleaning brush. 

I love these bottles! The only thing that I don't like is that the red caps are small so they get lost easily. But like mentioned above, they do come with 6 extra red tip caps in case you lose one.

#2. These Trendbox squeeze bottles come in 1, 2 or 4 oz sizes so you can purchase smaller bottles for your cell activator and bigger sizes for paint mixes!

The thing I love about these bottles is that they have a screw-on tip cap. 

3. Specimen Cups With Leak Proof Screw on Lids

I first learned about specimen cups when I was working at a lab. We used them to collect body fluids but when I saw that they were sturdy, spill proof, stackable, see through, had graduated markings, and were a reasonable size, I thought...

"Hmmmm, these would be great acrylic paint containers!" Haha

And I was not wrong! They are awesome!

They are the perfect size (4 oz) for making medium sized batches of paint mix. They can be cleaned easily and are reusable. The graduated markings are very convenient to measure the pouring medium and paint. And the lids are seal proof! 

I use these 4 oz specimen cups instead of disposable cups for mixing my paints because if I have some paint left, I can just put on the lid and store them for later use.

4. Condiment Cups

Condiment cups are also great for storing paint mix even though they are a little bit more flimsy than the specimen cups previously mentioned. However, they are less expensive!!!

For example, for about the same price you can get 100 condiment cups instead of 25 specimen cups. So even though I prefer the sturdiness of the specimen cups, the price for the condiment cups is more appealing.

Another advantage of the condiment cups is that they come in 1, 2, 3.25, 4, or 5.5 oz versions. 

They don't have graduated markings so you will have to use something else to measure your pouring medium and paint, or just eyeball it.

5. Mason Jars

Another option is to use mason jars. You can find them in various sizes, including huge ones for storing house paint for your bloom pours or small ones for small batches of paint.

They are stackable, easy to clean, see through, readily available at many stores, leak-proof, and well sealed. The only downside is that they can break because they are made out of glass!

6. Plastic and Glass Food Containers

Now, you don't always have to go out and purchase new containers for your paints. You can just recycle any container you can find at home. Just make sure it has a lid. 

For example, I purchase nuts and candy from Costco or Sam's Club that come inside big plastic containers. Once they are empty, I just clean them and reuse them.

I use these big containers to store big batches of pouring medium, house paint for my bloom pours, or base paint for negative space pours.

I've used anything from plastic coke bottles, water bottles, candy containers, nut containers, pasta sauce glass containers, sour cream and cottage cheese containers, and more!

Why spend money when you can recycle containers that would otherwise just go to the dumpster? Save money and be eco-friendly at the same time!

Tips & Tricks for Storing Acrylic Pouring Paint

Now that you know which are my favorite acrylic paint containers, let's talk about a few tips and tricks that will help you keep your paint mix in tip top shape. 

  • Don't add water to your paint mix or pouring medium mix unless you plan on using it within a few weeks. Water can grow mold so avoid adding it to your paint mixes unless you are planning on using your paints soon. If you need to add water, use purified or distilled water so your paint mix lasts longer.
  • Write down on each container the exact paint color, brand, and ratios of each ingredient in your paint mix. Trust me when I say that you won't remember what you put in each container!!!
  • Write down the date of when you made that particular batch of pouring medium or paint mixture on each container with a permanent marker. That way you use the older paint mixes before they get a chance to spoil.
  • Don't go overboard mixing paints. Only mix as much as you think you will use within a few weeks.
  • Store your acrylic paint in a cool environment (between 65° – 75° F) to prevent them from drying too fast. 

Let me know what are your favorite acrylic paint containers in the comment section down below!


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