Homemade Clear Gesso Recipe

Hey there again! Welcome back to the crafting corner, where we're diving into the world of DIY art supplies. Today, we're rolling up our sleeves and concocting a homemade clear gesso recipe.

Ever wondered what clear gesso is made of, or how you can whip up your own batch without a trip to the store? Stick around, because I've got two fantastic recipes that will elevate your art game!

What is Clear Gesso and Why Use It?

applying homemade clear gesso over a canvas

Clear gesso is like the unsung hero of art supplies, providing a translucent base that seals and primes your surface. It's the secret sauce that adds tooth and grip to your canvas, wood, or paper, allowing your paints to adhere beautifully. It also helps seal your painting surface so your fluid colors don't seep through it.

But why use clear gesso specifically? Well, it lets the natural color and texture of your painting surface shine through.

Recipe 1: Glue and Marble Dust Magic



  1. Start by mixing your glue and water until they're thoroughly mixed.
  2. Gradually introduce the powdered marble or calcium carbonate to the mix, stirring until it's smooth as silk. No lumps allowed!
  3. Yay! Your homemade clear gesso is now ready to work its magic on your next masterpiece.

Want a closer look at this recipe in action? Check out this quick video guide: Homemade Clear Gesso - Glue and Marble Dust.

Recipe 2: Corn Starch Elegance



  1. Begin by whisking together the corn starch and water until they're combined.
  2. Next, add the glue and mix vigorously until everything is well blended.
  3. Your clear gesso is now ready to take center stage in your artistic endeavors.

For a visual walkthrough of this recipe, dive into this video guide: Homemade Clear Gesso - Corn Starch Edition.

Testing Our Homemade Clear Gesso

painting over a paper that has been primed with homemade clear gesso

To put our 2 DIY clear gesso recipes to the test, I embarked on a creative journey. I started by applying them to a piece of slick and shiny paper, observing how it transformed the surface. The slight milky texture upon application disappeared as it dried, leaving behind a beautifully prepped canvas.

The gesso provided a sealing layer, grip, and stability to the piece of paper, allowing me to watercolor or color over it with ease and vibrant colors. The results were stunning!

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Frequently Asked Questions

homemade clear gesso inside an airtight container and also being applied to a canvas

What is Clear Gesso Made Of?

Clear gesso is a simple concoction of everyday ingredients like glue, water, and either powdered marble or corn starch. These ingredients come together to create a translucent primer that's perfect for prepping your surfaces before painting.

What is Clear Gesso Used For?

Clear gesso is a versatile tool in the artist's arsenal. Here are just a few ways you can use it:

  • Sealing Surfaces: Apply a coat of clear gesso to seal and prepare your canvas, paper, or wood for painting.
  • Creating Texture: Use clear gesso to add texture to your surfaces, providing depth and interest to your artwork.
  • Preventing Absorption: Clear gesso creates a barrier that prevents paint from soaking into your surface, ensuring vibrant colors and crisp lines.

What is a Good Substitute for Clear Gesso?

If you're in a pinch and don't have clear gesso on hand, fear not! You can create a similar effect using a mixture of white glue and water. While it won't be exactly the same as clear gesso, it can serve as a temporary substitute in a pinch.

What is the Difference Between White Gesso and Clear Gesso?

The main difference between white gesso and clear gesso lies in their transparency. White gesso is opaque and covers the surface completely, providing a blank canvas for your artwork. On the other hand, clear gesso allows the natural color and texture of your surface to show through, giving your artwork a more organic feel.

Final Thoughts and Creative Adventures

Thank you for joining me on this DIY clear gesso adventure! I hope these recipes inspire you to get creative and experiment with your own homemade art supplies.

Have you ever made your own clear gesso? Which homemade clear gesso recipe did you like best? Share your experiences and artistic endeavors in the comments below!

Until next time, keep creating, exploring, and embracing the magic of homemade art supplies. Happy crafting!

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