Easy Acrylic Galaxy Pour Painting

I love recreating anything that has to do with nature. In this case, I decided to try to recreate a galaxy with no brushes... just pour painting. 

You don't need a ton of materials and this galaxy acrylic painting is relatively easy to do. 

Here is the complete list of tools and materials you will need for this project.

Ready to get started on your galaxy acrylic pouring??? Just follow the instructions below and watch the video for more details.

Supplies for Acrylic Galaxy Painting

You will need an 8"x10" Canvas, Floetrol, acrylic paints in Titanium WhiteMars BlackBrilliant BlueViolet, Light Violet, and Light Magenta from Artist's Loft, plastic cupsstirring sticks, and a toothbrush. 


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#1. The first thing you will need to do is mix your paints with floetrol. I usually mix 15%-20% paint to 80%-85% floetrol, depending on the thickness of the paint.

#2. Cover your canvas in black paint.

#3. Pour each individual color onto the canvas like shown on the video above.

#4. Use a sponge or your fingers to blend the edges of the colors where they meet with each other so that they can blend more easily when you tilt the canvas.

#5. Now tilt the canvas to get a galaxy abstract painting.

#6. Dip the toothbrush in the white paint and then run your fingers through the bristles while the toothbrush is pointing towards the canvas. This will sprinkle some white paint on the canvas.

#7. Let your galaxy pour painting dry for 2-3 days before applying a coat of spray varnish

There you have it!

This is an easy project for acrylic pouring beginners. Hope you liked it!

See you in my next project.


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