Acrylic Paint Clean Up: Acrylic Pouring Hack

Wondering how to clean up the spilled paint after acrylic pouring? I love painting but HATE clean up time. So here is a hack that will help you quickly clean up all of that spilled paint with ease.

My trick relies on using a non-stick cookie sheet pan. It's probably okay to just rinse it after you are done painting, however, I prefer a different method because this one is not very practical for a couple of reasons:

First. You might still need it to catch the paint that is dripping from your painting.

Second. You are contaminating your water supply.

Third. It gets a little messy.

However, with my acrylic pouring hack, cleaning the paint is such a breeze. You see, I just let the paint dry. Once it is completely dry, I peel it off. It's that easy!!!

So you see, this can't be done with a plastic cover. That is why I love using a non-stick cookie sheet pan. Plus, it helps keep the paint mess contained. I do use a plastic cover, however, that is just for prevention purposes. Helps to keep my table and furniture safe from any spills.

So there you have it!!! My awesome hack for clean up after painting.

Watch the small video below to see how easily the paint comes off the pan.

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