Acrylic Paint Dollar Tree Review for Acrylic Pouring

Have you ever wondered if the Dollar Tree acrylic paint is any good for acrylic pouring? Well, keep reading because I will tell you everything you need to know so you can decide if you'd like to give these acrylic paints a shot.

Does Dollar Tree Sell Acrylic Paint?

YES, dollar tree sells acrylic paint! 

Now, be very careful when choosing your paints because you will most likely come across other types of paints that are not so good for acrylic pouring. For example, you will find poster paints, tempera paints, and acrylic paints.

Personally I would not use tempera or poster paints for acrylic pouring, unless it is just for a kid's project. And since you are already buying paints at a very affordable price, I would just grab acrylic paints instead.

So skip the tempera and poster paint at dollar tree!

Some people also ask "Does Dollar Tree Have Craft Paint?". Well technically, some lower quality acrylic paints with less pigmentation are called craft paint.

So "Yes", the acrylic paints you will find at dollar tree will most definitely be craft paints.

Dollar Tree Acrylic Paint Review

A few years back when acrylic pouring was still not popular, dollar tree had a very limited range of colors and brands of acrylic paints.

About 2 years ago I was only able to find black, yellow, and purple acrylic paints. They might have had green too if I remember correctly!

Anyway, I tried using those acrylic paints in a pour painting and didn't love the end results! I also used some poster paints for my acrylic pour because I could not find any white or blue acrylic paint at dollar tree.

Here is a video of how that painting turned out!

The paint was not vibrant after it dried and the colors got muddied too! Part of that was my fault because I was a newbie at paint pouring and did not know that purple and yellow don't go well together!


Regardless of my beginner mistakes, that acrylic paint did not impress me.

Now, a few years later, Dollar Tree has introduced some new acrylic paints which are a lot better!!!

The brand I like the most from their new selection is Acryology. They have a very good range of colors to choose from. The colors are vibrant and work relatively well for an acrylic pour for beginners as long as you don't dilute them too much with pouring medium.

Plus I found out that if you mix these Acryology paints with Aleene's Tacky Glue, you will get a glossy finish. That means you won't need a varnish to bring that shine back to your pour paintings.

Take a look at this video I made where I show you the results of using these paints for some of my paintings.

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Other Dollar Tree Paint Supplies

So as you saw in the video above, you can get some pretty decent results. In fact, I believe they are great for beginners who don't want to spend a ton of money of pouring supplies but still want to practice their pouring techniques.

So if you are a beginner and want to start trying fluid painting on a budget, then check out these Acryology paints

So what other dollar tree paint supplies are available? Well, I suggest you take a look at this 3-part video series in which I show you what stuff you can get from the dollar store and how to make your own dollar store pour painting.

And if you haven't grabbed your free acrylic pouring cheat sheet for beginners yet, then click here to download your FREE copy.


Even though these dollar store acrylic paints are decent enough for beginners to start acrylic pouring, I highly suggest to upgrade to a higher quality paint once you feel like you can invest a little bit more money on your supplies. 

A quality paint can make a world of a difference when it comes to color vibrancy. Plus, you will have less issues with paint cracking or paint not sticking to your canvas or pouring surface. 

Personally, I like these paints from Artist's Loft. They are affordable and still have good pigmentation for those who want to upgrade from cheap dollar store paint. 

Let me know if this article was helpful for you!

Remember, you can always leave me your comments down below about what you'd like to learn more about.

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