Easy Acrylic Pouring Cells Recipe

You've probably encountered dozens of acrylic pouring cells recipes on the internet... each claiming to make the most awesome cells. Maybe you've even tried a few of these cells recipes but ended up being disappointed by the results.

Well, today I am adding one more acrylic pouring cells recipe to your list.

But don't worry!

I am also sharing some tips to help ensure that this recipe works for you and that you get the best acrylic pouring cells possible.

My Favorite Cells Recipe with Silicone

One of my favorite acrylic pouring cells recipe for getting big cells in acrylic pour paintings is made by mixing a pouring medium that consists of:

Mix this pouring medium with your acrylic paints until you get the desired consistency. Then add 1 drop of this silicone oil/1 oz of paint mixture (pouring medium + paint).

The Floetrol in this recipe will help with the creation of cells. The glue will help the cells stay in place. And the silicone oil will create an explosion of cells!!!

This acrylic pouring cells recipe is cheap and easy to make. 

Tips for Creating Cells

Follow these important steps to create the best cells using the previous acrylic pouring cells recipe.

  • Don't use too much silicone in your paint mix. Just add 1 drop/1 oz of paint mix in the colors where you want your cells to appear.
  • Don't overmix your silicone into your paint mix. Overmixing will break the oil into tiny particles which will create tiny cells rather than big cells.
  • Be patient. Pour your paint, torch, let the cells develop, and then tilt so that your cells can stretch and look even bigger.

If you decide not to use the previous acrylic pouring cells recipe, you can still create cells with almost any other pouring medium recipe as long as you follow the previous tips.

Since getting awesome cells is not just about using silicone in your paint mix, I highly suggest that you read the following article about how to get big cells in acrylic pour paintings for a more in-depth look at the 5 best ways to get cells. 

You'll find a ton more tips to help you succeed in getting the cells that you want.

Let me know in the comments section below what you think about this acrylic pouring cells recipe!

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