5 Amazing Acrylic Pouring Ocean Ideas

I am a nature lover... I love the ocean, walking on the sand, watching a beautiful sunset, feeling the cool breeze, admiring the tall green mountains, and contemplating the stars at night!

So whenever I do pour paintings, I always want to recreate nature in my paintings!

Even though I have already created this beach pour painting tutorial with 7 flip cups and also this 3-D Acrylic Pouring Seascapes course where you can learn how to create realistic seascapes, this time I decided to share with you a few videos from other artists so you can see the endless possibilities for creating acrylic pouring oceans.

You'll find tutorials for simple ocean pours as well as tutorials using more advanced techniques. 

Ready? Let's start painting.

#1. Acrylic Pouring Ocean Wave 

Here is a very simple acrylic pouring ocean wave painting that you could easily do if you are a beginner. All this artist used was 5 colors from Golden Fluid Acrylics, Floetrol, a few drops of soap, and a quick spray of alcohol.

Colors Used: Golden Fluid Acrylics in ultramarine, prussian blue, turquoise (phthalo), teal, and titanium white

Pouring Medium: Floetrol

Other Materials: Dawn Ultra Dish Soap, Alcohol

Swiping Tool: Paper towel or Kitchen cabinet liner

#2. Sea Scape with Swipe Technique

This next sea scape pour painting was made using a free pour with a swipe. This artist made her painting look like a stormy sea and all she used was some cheap paints, Floetrol, a few rocks, and a paper towel.

Pouring Medium: Floetrol

Colors Used: Orange, Turquoise, White, Light Blue, Phthalo Blue, Ultramarine, Silver, Grey, Other Blue Hues

Other Materials: Tooth brush, rocks

Swiping Tool: Paper towel or Kitchen cabinet liner

#3. Ocean Pour with Blow Dryer

This next pour is by Molly's Artistry. It's a painting with a lot of negative space and some foamy waves. Molly used a hair dryer to move the paints around and create movement.

Pouring Medium: 50% Floetrol + 30% Creative Inspirations polymer gloss & medium varnish + 20% GAC800. Mix 2 parts of this pouring medium with 1pt paint plus water to desired consistency.

Colors Used: phthalo blue, Payne's grey, cerulean blue, light aqua green, cobalt metallic blue, white

Tools Used: Blow Dryer

Canvas Size: 30x40 inches

#4. Acrylic Pouring Ocean with Transparent Paint

The following two ocean pours are absolutely stunning. They are a creation of artist Saskia Smit. She uses super transparent paint to create depth while the rich pigments from Colourarte make the paintings look amazing.

Pouring Medium: Vivid PolyPour from Colourarte (Use Coupon Code loveacrylicpainting621 for 20%Vallejo Polyurethane Gloss Varnish 

Colourarte Colors Used: Nutmeg Primary Elements, Interference gold Bling it, Prizm Pour Chantilly Lace, Butter Toffee Glitz, Payne's Gray Primary Elements, Prizm Pour Waterfalls, Sea Spray Primary Elements, Laguna Azul Primary Elements Glitz, Cool Water Primary Elements 

>>Use Coupon Code: loveacrylicpainting621 for 20% Off all Colourarte Products!!!

Pebeo Colors Used: Turquoise #30 

Tools Used: Palette knife  

#5. Realistic 3-D Seascapes

As you can see, doing an acrylic pouring ocean is super fun!!!

However, if you don't like flat and boring oceans, this next option might be for you!

After wasting so much money on materials and after so much testing, I finally found some materials that can be used to give depth and dimension to your ocean pours to turn them into beautiful 3-D seascapes without using toxic resin. 

I created an easy to follow course that teaches my step-by-step process for taking your ocean pours to another level. Click Here to Learn More!!!

Here are a few examples of what you can accomplish with this technique.


Creating acrylic pouring oceans is incredibly fun! 

Just choose a technique and practice, practice, practice!

And if you'd rather have someone guide you step-by-step or are ready to take your ocean pours to the next level, then check out my Realistic 3-D Seascape course.

Now, go create some beautiful acrylic pour oceans! Let me know in the comments below which one is your favorite.


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