Top 17 Amazing Acrylic Pouring Techniques with Tutorials

In this fluid art world, the list of techniques just keeps growing every day, so today I decided to bring you my TOP 17 Amazing Acrylic Pouring Techniques with Video Tutorials Compilation. It includes beginner and advanced pouring techniques so rest assured that you will find a unique technique just for you!

#1. Flip Cup- Let's start with this beginner technique. This is one of the easiest and most known technique. Just because it is beginner friendly, it doesn't mean you can get gorgeous results. Just take a look at the beauty down below!

If you are completely new to acrylic pouring, then you have to give this technique a try! Here's an in-depth tutorial about the Dirty Flip Cup technique.

#2. Ring Pour/Tree Ring- I think a ring pour (also known as a tree ring) is a great beginner technique because it's easy enough for beginners to do but also creates beautiful patterns.

#3. Cloud Pour- this is an advanced technique but I love it! These types of paintings make me think of beautiful skies with lots of clouds. If you ever wondered why it was called a cloud pour... well, there you have it!

#4. Swipe- swipes are also one of my favorite types of paintings. If done right, this technique can create an explosion of colorful cells. This in-depth acrylic swipe technique tutorial with videos is perfect for you if you want to get this technique right!

#5. Dutch Pours- I love Rinske's work! She always manages to make the most beautiful Dutch Pours. The patterns that she achieves with this kind of technique are stunning. And her color choices are incredible. It's definitely a more advanced technique but once you master it, you will be able to create breathtaking art! In short, a Dutch Pour is a technique in which you use air (usually from a blow drier) to move the paint around the canvas.

If you want to learn more about the Dutch Pour Technique, I think this step-by-step post with tips is great for you!

#6. Bloom Pours- for me, the bloom pour technique is the hardest to master. It requires specific paint consistencies and specific ingredients to achieve the cell and lacing look, but they are super fun and turn out amazing!

#7. Deconstructed Bloom- A deconstructed bloom is basically doing a bloom pour and then somewhat wrecking it without destroying the cells and lacing too much. Karen from Waterfall Acrylics is a pro at this technique.

#8. Kintsugi- this is a mixed media fluid art technique. This technique originates from the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery. I absolutely love this piece that Tammy Anderson did using this technique. 

#9. Paint Pour Kiss- Look at this fun technique! It kind of looks like a tree ring or ring pour but with different colors on each half of the circle of paint.

#10. String Pull- Many different designs can be created with the string pull technique! You can make flowers, feathers, and much more! Check out these videos.

#11. Chain Pull- This technique is very similar to the string pull, except that you get a slightly different design because the chain has beads instead of a smooth surface. Look at some of the different types of paintings that you can create using the chain pull technique.

#12. Split Cup- To do this type of technique, you need to use a special pouring cup. You can find split cups on Amazon that have 2 or more compartments that you can fill with paint and then pour. Just take a look at this pour painting that Fiona made. It is sooo colorful and easy to do!

#13. Balloon Smash/Dip- As the name suggests, you use a balloon to smash paint onto a painting surface. It is a lot of fun!

#14. Blob- This is one of the types of fluid art painting that doesn't require you to move the paint around on the canvas. In fact, the paint mixtures have to be pretty thick so that they stay put wherever you apply them to. Just layer different colored blobs of paint on your canvas and let them dry!

#15. Fractals/Dendrites- This is one of those weird looking pour paintings that you just can't get enough of. The chemical reaction that happens between the paints and the alcohol creates pure magic just before your eyes. 

#16. Collander/Strainer- Some beautiful paintings can be created just by pouring paint into a collander or strainer. I love this easy but stunning sunflower created by Fiona Art.

#17. Hammer Smash- Not a lot of artists do the hammer pour, however, it can be fun and it can create some interesting patterns. Just pour some paint on a hard surface and then smash it with a hammer or a mallet.

If you want to see a list of ever-growing acrylic pouring techniques, check out this page with videos that I compiled just for you!
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