Best Chameleon Mica Powder + 7 Stunning Projects

Chameleon mica powder is becoming more popular every day in the art world. Artists and normal people are creating amazing resin and acrylic pouring art with these color shifting powders.

So if you are confused about all the options out there, keep on reading because I am going to reveal my FAVORITE chameleon mica powder.

Discover why I love it so much and how you can use it to make stunning artwork!

Let's Resin- Why I LOVE It So Much!

Okay, let's start by revealing my favorite brand... Let's Resin.

Not only do they have amazing chameleon mica powders but also have chameleon flakes. WOW! 

I love that their products are really high quality and are reasonably priced!

Their color shift pigment powders are perfect for epoxy resin crafts, candle making, painting, tumblers, acrylic pouring, bath bombs, soaps, slime, nails, and cosmetics.

These highly saturated chameleon mica powders come in a wide range of amazing colors and are available in different intensities and flake sizes so you can complete any project you have in mind.

I have tirelessly searched and tried other chameleon powders on the market but have not found another one that has great color shifting properties, has vibrant and intense colors, and is not full of fillers. 

Take a look at the following video that shows you the difference between their chameleon powders.

How to Use Chameleon Powders

There are tons of ways you can use chameleon powders... Mix it in resin or pouring medium, brush it inside resin molds before pouring the resin inside, use it to color slime or clay, etc. 

However, I will share with you a few project ideas so you can start having some fun!

#1. Easy Chameleon Tumbler

Here are three easy ways of making color shifting tumblers. If you want your tumbler to look a little more embellished, you can try the waterfall style tumbler with some decals on top like the third video tutorial below. Voila! You'll have a nice tumbler.

#2. Fun Tarot Cards

If you want to do a fun resin project, try these Tarot Cards. They look amazing!

#3. Polymer Clay Projects

What about making some cool fridge magnets or other objects out of clay and chameleon mica powder? Here is one tutorial that can help you get started. 

#4. Color Shifting Dominoes

Here is another super fun project. These color shifting dominoes will for sure be the rage of your next board game party! 

#5. Chameleon Nails

Even though these nails are made with chameleon flakes rather than powder, I thought I should include this project here since Let's Resin also offers beautiful chameleon flakes. 

#6. Chameleon Flakes in Resin

Chameleon flakes or even chameleon powder can be sprinkled into resin. See how Clara made this gorgeous horse and added some pizzazz to it with some chameleon flakes.

#7. Dragon Dice Box

If you are a dragon fan, you are for sure going to love the color shifting scales on this dragon dice box! Even though chameleon mica powder was not used in this project, you can easily replace the Colourarte pigments that were used with any color of chameleon powder of your choice. It will make this dragon box even more stunning!!!


As you can see from the projects above, chameleon mica powders can take your art to a whole new level. They will make your art pop! 

For me, Let's Resin is my go to choice when it comes to getting a nice chameleon mica powder that is vivid, of high quality, and absolutely stunning.


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