6 Dutch Pour Painting Ideas

If you have been anxious to try dutch pour painting, then you are in the right place because I have 5 different projects for you to choose from. Yes, dutch pour painting can be a harder technique, however, if you follow these tutorials, it will become much easier to become a master at it.

As you already know, I always try to give you a complete list of tools and materials (at the bottom of this page) that you will need for the project. However, because I am bringing you a list of 5 projects, I am only going to list the materials that are generally used for most dutch pours. Just look at the corresponding video of the project you want to do, to find out what else you might need!!!

Awesome! Let's get started.

Dutch Pour Painting #1

First, I bring you 2 tutorials for 2 beautiful dutch pours on 12x28 in canvas by Rinske Douna. For these pour paintings, Rinske used Copper, Bronze, Gold, White, Phthalo Blue, and Van Dyck Brown.

Even though Rinske doesn't mention which brand of paints she used for these paintings, here are some of my favorite metallic paints and brightly colored artist quality paints. The rest of the tools and materials you might need for this dutch pour are listed at the bottom of this post.

Dutch Pour Painting #2

Check out these ideas to create gorgeous Dutch pour bloom paintings by Rinske Douna. They are slightly different than a regular Dutch Pour but equally gorgeous.

If you are into Dutch pours, then you will definitely love these.

If you want step-by-step guidance to learn how to make these one-of-a-kind pieces, check out her amazing course here!

Dutch Pour Painting #3

This is a set of 2 dutch pour painting in black and white by Pouring Art Experience. You don't even need huge canvas to do this project. And all she is just using black and white paint, floetrol, and water. That is it! And look how awesome they turned out!!! 

The rest of the tools and materials you might need for this dutch pour are listed at the bottom of this post.

Dutch Pour Painting #4

This is an easy dutch pour painting by Kanella Ciraco Art. She is only using 2 colors, berry and gold, on top of a black background. She used a 10x20"canvas, 24K Gold by DecoArt, Black Paint, and Metallics Berry by DecoArt Metallics.

And WOW! It turned out beautiful! 

Look at these extra tools and materials that you might need for this dutch pour.

Dutch Pour Painting #5

This is a dutch pour  by Erica Hughes Art that has more colors involved, however the colors work well together and I think they look great. The colors she used for this piece were Pink Azalea, Teal Zircon, Sea Green, Golden Gold, Golden Phthalo Turquoise, and Liquitex Magenta.

Look at these extra tools and materials that you might need for this dutch pour.

Dutch Pour Painting #6

If you are not sure if you want a white or black background for your dutch pour painting, then try this project by Create on Canvas. They used a black background on half of the canvas and white on the other half.

Then they put a stripe of blue, green and gold colors in the middle, blow with the blowdrier, and voila... magic!!!

Even though in the video they don't mention which specific colors they used, you can use the gold found in these metallic paints that I love and use the blue and green from this selection of brightly colored artist quality paints. Or you can even mix some colors to get your own preferred shades. 

That is it for our 5 pour painting projects.

Hope you are brave enough to take the plunge to try one of these dutch pour paintings. They are absolutely addicting and worth the fails that you might encounter while trying to become a master of dutch pours.

Don't forget to take a look at the following supplies you might need for your painting!!! Feel free to pick and choose what you need for your own project.

Need to keep track of your recipes and techniques?

Check out the "Painting Diary" Printables!

Supplies for Dutch Pour Paintings


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