How to Make an Epoxy Longboard

If you are a skateboard or longboard lover and you also love resin epoxy, then you are going to love this project!!! You are going to learn how to make an epoxy longboard / resin skateboard.

Can you make a skateboard out of resin?

Of course you can, that is what I am going to show you in this tutorial! Keep reading to see some tutorial videos and the materials you will need.

It is not an easy or quick project, but hey... if a teenager like Terik Fajardo can do it, then why not you!!! By the way, click here to check out his Instagram page if you want to spark some ideas for your project or if you just want to purchase a resin skateboard without having to do all the hard work yourself.

What is an Epoxy Longboard?

So first of all... What is a resin skateboard or epoxy longboard?

Well... it is a skateboard which is usually made out of epoxy resin and some sort of wood. And if you are asking yourself "Does epoxy resin bond to wood?", then the answer is YES!!! Resin and wood are going to be the 2 main materials you will use to construct your epoxy longboard.

Materials You Will Need

The materials you will need for your resin skateboard will vary depending on what you already have on hand and what design you want for your longboard.

But here is a rough idea of what you might need:

Best epoxy for skateboards

As I mentioned previously, you need to use an epoxy, but make sure you use a casting epoxy that will turn rock hard like this one from Stone Coat Countertops.

In fact, this is the only brand of resin epoxy I use for ALL of my projects.

All of their resins are super easy to use, leave a crystal clear coat, have a long working time which allows you to get a perfect finish every time, are uv resistant, are great for beginners, and are perfect to take your projects to the next level.

Resin skateboard mold

You are also going to need to make a resin skateboard mold made out of melamine so your resin doesn't stick to it. You can get some melamine boards like these.

Also make sure you get an epoxy mold release spray like this one. 

Tutorials- How to Make Your Own Resin Skateboard

Ok. Now that you have a rough idea of what materials you will need, which resin is best for wood longboards, and the materials you will need for your mold, let's get into the tutorials.

I added a few videos that show the process of making a wood and resin skateboard. Some go into the details a little bit more than others, but each video will help you learn what you need to know about making resin skateboards. 

I liked this first video the most because it doesn't seem too complicated, even though it doesn't have a detailed explanation of how to make a resin skateboard. But if you'd like to see a quick overview video of the process, then you are going to like this video.

This next video shows the process in detail, but I think the longboard making process was over complicated a bit. However, since it has detailed instructions, it is worth watching! Then you can decide what steps to leave out to make the process easier for you!

It is a two-step video tutorial so make sure you watch both videos.

More Ideas for Epoxy Longboards

Here is a video that will help you spark some ideas for your new epoxy longboard project!

I've also included a bunch of pictures of resin skateboards / epoxy longboards to help you get some more ideas. As you can see, the designs you can achieve are endless! You just need to have a little imagination.

BUT... if you'd rather NOT go through all the hassle of buying all the tools and spending a bunch of time doing your own resin skateboard, then you can just buy one from Terik Fajardo at a fair price.

All of the longboards shown below are available for purchase! Just contact him on his Instagram page!

Hope these tutorial videos were helpful along with the list of materials and images to help you spark some great ideas!

Supplies for Epoxy Longboard


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  1. I appreciated it when you shared that it is important to need to use an epoxy that will turn rock hard when it comes to making your own skateboard. My cousin just mentioned the other day that he is planning to make himself a skateboard since he has always wanted to make one from scratch. I will suggest to him getting the right epoxy for the project from a reliable supplier.

    1. Your Welcome! Making one from scratch is very fun and so rewarding when you use the correct materials. I currently use the Stone Coat Casting Epoxy but I am sure that there are other companies out there that have good quality casting epoxy.

  2. Hi I was wondering if you had instructions or a video on how to make the mold for the skateboard. Maybe even if you can point me in the right direction would be very appreciated. Thank you

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