Best Interference Mica Powder Brand

Finding a high-quality interference mica powder can be hard, specially with all the options out on the internet. Some companies offer cheap mica powders with fillers and without much bling, while others can really make your projects sparkle and shine like you've never dreamt of.

So let's take a look at what I think is the best interference mica powder brand and why.

What is Interference Mica Powder

Before I reveal my preferred mica powder company, you need to know a few things in order to understand why they are one of the best companies out there.

First... "What is an interference mica powder?"

Mica powder is made by grinding mica, a natural stone mineral with shiny flakes. The shiny flakes of the Mica is what makes the mica powders sparkly. The bigger the particles, the bigger the sparkle. The smaller the particles, the more satiny or pearl-like it will look. 

Mica powders don't have much color, so they are not optimal for coloring things (e.g. resin), unless they are mixed with a pigment. Their main purpose is to create sparkle. 

Interference Pigments are made by coating mica with titanium dioxide. These powders might appear to look just white, but when viewed at an angle, beautiful iridescent colors start dancing in the light! 

The optical effect is achieved by the special reflection of light.

How to Use Interference Mica Powder

Interference mica powders (cosmetic grade) are usually mixed into body creams, body sprays, lip glosses, soaps, eyeshadows, candles, and more! 

Not only that, but interference mica powders with a specific formulation can also be mixed into epoxy to create amazing effects in artwork or mixed into pouring medium for creating beautiful fluid art. 

Interference powders can also be mixed into pigments to create gorgeous colors with a colorshift effect! 

How to Choose a Great Mica Powder

Not all mica powders are created the same!

Some are very chalky-looking due to not sifting the powder properly.

Others lack that glorious interference rainbow effect that can only be achieved with several coats of titanium dioxide. 

So when choosing a mica powder, make sure you choose one from a company like Colourarte that takes the time to properly sift their mica powders and that invests in the time and resources it needs to add several layers of titanium dioxide for maximum light refraction.

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How I Use Colourarte Interference Mica Powders

Here is how I use them myself:

  1. Mix an interference or sparkle mica powder with a Primary Elements pigment to create a color with interference and iridescent effects. Then combine this mixture with some Vivid Enamel or Vivid Polypour to turn it into a paint that can be used for fluid art or bloom pours.
  2. Mix a tiny bit of interference or sparkle mica powder into any liquid acrylic varnish (e.g. TriArt Liquid Glass) to create an iridescent top coat on artwork.
  3. Mix into translucent acrylic medium to create iridescent/interference nailpolishes.
  4. Mix into acrylic paints to give your artwork some pizzazz.

Here's a video that shows an example of a painting I did in which I used some iridescent powders from Colourarte.

Recap of the "Bling It" Line

Let's do a quick recap of the different types of interference mica powders offered in the Colourarte "Bling It" line.

-Bling It Interference Colors are a brilliant high chroma blue, green, gold, violet and red coated mica. 

-Bling It Sparkle are larger particulates of high chroma blue, green, gold, violet and red coated colors. 

-Bling It Colour Magic are custom blended colors created by mixing various shimmering micas and other minerals. Mix them into an acrylic medium like Vivid Enamel or Vivid Polypour, or even into resin.

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For over 22 years, ColourArte has forged a path in the paint industry by introducing a unique one-of-a-kind paint product... "dry paints". 

Dry paints are created by mixing pure ground mineral pigments and shimmering mica powders.  

So when choosing a high-quality mica powder, you know that Team Colourarte has your back!


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