Meditative Painting for Stress Relief and Healing

Meditative painting is a way of releasing stress and negative energy through the art of painting. It is a meditation exercise that can be used to heal your life.

You don't need to be an expert or a professional painter to use painting as a therapy. In fact, there are no set rules! You are simply going to gather your emotions and release them on a canvas without judging your work and without worrying about the end result.

Any form of medium and style of painting can be used for meditative painting, such as watercolor painting, acrylic pouring, pencil drawing, etc. Use whatever medium you'd like to use. 

The whole purpose of this meditation process is not to focus on the medium,  the technique, or even the end result, but instead focus on relaxing the mind, calming the soul, and letting go of your negative emotions. 

Today, I am going to show you how to do an amazing meditative painting exercise; Acrylic Pouring to music. 

Keep reading to learn the steps for this exercise and watch the video below to see an example how this is done. 

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Meditative Painting Exercise

In this exercise, you will learn how to paint by feeling; that is, you are going to allow your artistic talent to be guided by music. 

So how do you do this?  Well, you will need to rely on what you are feeling while listening to the chosen music, and then allow those feelings to guide you while choosing your colors and pouring your paints. 

But before we go into more details, let's talk about the materials that you will need to get started. 

Materials You Will Need:

  • Acrylic paints- These should be ready-to-be-poured paints (paints + pouring medium).

    In my tutorial video below, I used Vivid Polypour as my pouring medium and the following pigments from Fantasia, Butterfly Wing, Luna, Flamingo Feather
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    If you are new to acrylic pouring and don't know how to mix your acrylic paints with pouring medium to get them to the right consistency, then I suggest you purchase pre-mixed paints like the options listed below.

How to Paint to Music

  1. Choose a quite place where you can paint undisturbed.
  2. Have a set of ready-to-be poured paints in front of you.
  3. Choose a piece of music that you find relaxing or that brings you joy! Start playing the music.
  4. While listening to the music you chose, start picking 3-5 colors based on what you feel. Let that music guide you into choosing the colors that you will be using for your painting.
  5. Start pouring your colors onto your canvas in any random way that you'd like. Pour them in lines, circles, or puddles; or put all of your colors in a cup and then pour. Let your artistic talent be guided by the music you are listening to.
  6. Tilt your canvas to make your paints flow and cover your canvas.
  7. Now, while your paint is still wet, you can add some glitter, rocks, diamond chips, or any other embellishments you'd like. This is optional but can make your paintings really stand out!. Add embellishments to your pour if you feel like it!
  8. Let your painting dry on a level surface.

Watch the following video for an example of how to do this meditative painting exercise.

More Activities to Reduce Anxiety and for Increasing Positive Energy

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