Acrylic Pouring Resin Clock Project - Love Acrylic Painting

Acrylic Pouring Resin Clock Project

I love making acrylic pouring projects that also involve using a little bit of resin. Using resin just makes all the colors pop and gives your finished work a very shinny and smooth surface. So here I bring you an acrylic pouring resin clock project. Click here to find the exact materials you need.

You can make it unique by adjusting the colors you use and changing the acrylic pouring technique. You can also use a varnish rather than resin if you prefer.

Let your imagination run wild!

If you choose just to follow the tutorial in the video above, then go ahead and follow it step by step. You can find the exact colors and materials used in this project down below! 

Enjoy this awesome and fun resin clock project!

Resin Clock Tools and Materials


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