Vivid Enamel Guide: Luscious Colors, Best Substitute & More

As soon as I tried Colourarte's pigments and pouring mediums, I fell in love!!!

When Colourarte's Vivid Enamel is mixed with colourarte's luscious Primary Elements pigments or the Bling it mica minerals, it produces BEAUTIFUL colors!

It is just an awesome product!!!

If you haven't tried the Vivid Enamel pouring medium yet, I highly suggest that you give it a try along with their beautiful pigments

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What is Vivid Enamel?

Colourarte's Vivid Enamel is a Tintable High Gloss Pouring Medium for multi-surfaces. It is designed to be tinted with Primary Elements Arte Pigments

Vivid Enamel is produced with 100% Acrylic Polymer Dispersion. 

What is the Difference Between Vivid Polypour and Vivid Enamel?

Vivid Polypour is a pouring medium which contains some varathane varnish in addition to acrylic polymer whereas Vivid Enamel is made of only acrylic polymer.

Therefore, Vivid Polypour is a great pouring medium for the sheleeart technique and Vivid Enamel is meant to be used as a regular pouring medium in the same was as you would use Liquitex.

The other difference is that Vivid Enamel is more viscous than Vivid Polypour so you might need to add a little bit of water into your paint mix when using the Vivid Enamel to thin it down to your desired consistency.

Why Use Vivid Enamel?

When using Colourarte's dry pigments or mica powders, it is essential to use a pouring medium with binders, otherwise the pigments are not going to stick to the painting surface.

Even though Floetrol is widely used in many paint pouring techniques, it does not contain any binders and therefore is not a good pouring medium for dry pigments or mica powders.

That is why Vivid Enamel was created! It was manufactured to be used specifically with Colourarte's Bling it Mica Minerals and Primary Elements Arte Pigments.

However, you can also use this pouring medium with other dry pigments that need a pouring medium with binders or with regular acrylic tube paints to make your paints more fluid.

How to Use Vivid Enamel

Bling It Micas: Pre-moisten the mica powder with equal parts of Vivid Enamel. Slowly add more Vivid Enamel while mixing in between additions, until the desired paint consistency is achieved. Add some water if a more fluid consistency is needed.

Primary Elements Arte Pigments- Mix a tiny amount of pigment with an equal amount of pouring medium. Then slowly add more Vivid Enamel while mixing in between additions, until the desired consistency is achieved. Add some water if a more fluid consistency is needed.

Here is a video that shows the amazing results you can expect by using Colourarte's Vivid Enamel and their dry pigments.

Vivid Enamel Substitute

If Vivid Enamel produces such great results, why would anybody want a substitute?

Well, maybe Vivid Enamel is not available in certain areas of the world. Or maybe someone needs something a little bit more affordable. 

So if you are looking for a Vivid Enamel substitute, just take into consideration the following things:

  • Vivid Enamel is an artistic pouring medium with binders made specifically for dissolving dry pigments and mica powders. So if you are planning on finding a substitute that can be used with dry pigments and mica powders, you need to avoid Floetrol (which doesn't have binders). Instead, use an artistic pouring medium made specifically for paint pouring like Liquitex Pouring Medium, Golden GAC800, Pebeo Studio Acrylics Pouring Medium, or Sargeant Art Acrylic Pouring Medium.
  • If you don't want to use any of the previously mentioned Vivid Enamel substitutes or don't have access to any of these in your area, just find a pouring medium that is made with acrylic polymers (paint binders) at your local craft store.
  • You can even use a mix of House Paint Base (dries clear) + a little bit of Floetrol as a Vivid Enamel substitute. Some house paint bases you can use are Glidden Premium Semi-gloss Base 3, Sherwin Williams HGTV Infinity Semi-Gloss Base C 535121, Behr Premium Plus High Gloss Deep Base 8300, or any other house paint base that doesn't have any color added to it. Look for these in your local hardware stores.
  • As a last resort, you can use PVA glue or Elmer's glue mixed with water as your pouring medium. Glue also has binders, and therefore will hold the mica powder particles or dry pigments in a similar way as the Vivid Enamel. Just keep in mind that this pouring medium won't give your painting a high gloss look and the durability of your painting won't be the same as if you were using Vivid Enamel.


I absolutely love Colourarte's Vivid Enamel. It gives stunning results!

I highly suggest that you give Vivid Enamel a try along with their beautiful pigments

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