Acrylic Pour Painting Ocean Waves: 5 Tutorials with Video

As some of you know, I am a nature lover! 

So today I decided to share with you some simple ocean wave acrylic pour painting tutorials from some awesome artists!

You'll find tutorials that use simple pouring mediums like plain water or Floetrol as well as a tutorial with a more complex pouring medium. Use simple tools to create beautiful paint pouring ocean waves.

Are You Ready? 

Let's start painting!

Ocean Wave with Hair Dryer

Here is a video from Molly's Artistry that teaches you how to do a beautiful ocean wave on a big canvas. Molly used only paint and water, plus a blow dryer to move the paint around.

Colors Used: phthalo blue, turquoise green, paynes gray, sky blue, white

Pouring Medium: Water

Tools: Blow Dryer

Canvas Size: 24 x 36 inches

Ocean Wave Swipe with House Paint Pouring Medium

Here is another painting from Molly's Artistry for a different kind of ocean wave. This one was created using a pouring medium made out of house paint and floetrol and swiped with a palette knife.

Pouring Medium: 1000ml floetrol, 200ml Creative Inspirations polymer gloss & medium varnish, 100 ml GAC800, 100ml liquitex pouring medium, 500ml glue all

Colors Used: metallic cobalt blue, turquoise +light blue, brilliant blue, cerulean blue, paynes grey, phthalo blue, ocean breeze. 

She used 1 to 2 drops of silicone per color pouring mix.

Tools Used: Palette knife

Canvas Size: 14 x 18 inches

Ocean Wave Swipe with Easy Pouring Medium

Here is another ocean wave swipe painting tutorial. This one is from Olga Soby. She used a very simple pouring medium consisting of floetrol and water.

Pouring Medium: Floetrol + water to achieve desired consistency

Colors Used: Phthalo Blue, Ultramarine, Bright Blue, Cobalt Blue Metallic, Aqua Green, Titanium White

She used about 1 to 2 drops of silicone per color pouring mix.

Tools Used: Palette knife

Ocean Wave with Blue Background

This is another beautiful ocean wave with a blue background from Molly's Artistry. She uses a blow dryer to create the beautiful movement.

Pouring Medium: Water

Colors Used: blue gray, paynes gray/prussian blue, sky blue, white, cerulean blue/white

Tools Used:  Blow Dryer

Ocean Wave With Non-Traditional Colors

And if you are looking for an ocean wave with non-traditional colors, then take a look at the following purple, silver and black wave pour. Again, Molly created a beautiful ocean wave with her blow dryer and some magic.

Pouring Medium: Water

Colors Used: silver, black, blue-violet, purple, white

Tools Used:  Blow Dryer


If you like painting ocean waves, I bet you will also like to learn how to paint seascapes. Check out this article for "5 Amazing Acrylic Pouring Ocean Ideas".

As you can see, paint pouring ocean waves doesn't have to be difficult. Simply choose different shades of blue and some white, and pour them in a circular motion.

Then use either a blow dryer or a swiping tool like a palette knife to mix and spread your colors. If you don't have a palette knife for the swipe, you can even swipe using a paper towel.

So go ahead and give it a try! Go create some beautiful acrylic pour painting ocean waves.

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