9 Ideas for Embellished Acrylic Pours

After doing acrylic pouring for a few years, I have found myself wanting my pours to pop out more! So I recently started embellishing my pours with crushed glass, glitter, and markers and I have to say that I really love all the bling!!! 

I've come to realize that I love embellished acrylic pours.

So if you also want your acrylic pours to stand out and would like to know how to embellish them, then keep on reading!

Today I am going to show you a few examples of acrylic pours that have been embellished by other artists and myself so you can get some ideas. Then I will teach you a few simple techniques that you can use to embellish your own acrylic pours.

So let's start with a few examples!

1. Drawing Over an Acrylic Pour

The most popular way of embellishing a pour is by drawing something on top. Here are two examples of acrylic pours that have some hand-drawn embellishments.

If you are not good at drawing, don't worry! I will show you plenty of techniques you can use to embellish your pours.

2. Die Cut Embellishments and 3D Stickers

This beautiful acrylic pour from Shari Carroll from Simon Says Stamp Blog was embellished with some Die Cut Embellishments but you could probably use some 3D stickers like the ones shown below or even use a Cricut machine to cut your own embellishments.

If you are not good at drawing, then I recommend using a Cricut to cut out animal shapes, flowers, butterflies, trees, etc.

The possibilities are endless with a Cricut machine!

If you decide to go with the Cricut machine, then take a look at the video below to see how you can create some awesome embellishments. 

3. Acrylic Pour with Pen/Marker Embellishments

This acrylic pour by Sandria Savory was embellished with a pen. Look at how unique that looks!

Just use different fine point markers/pens in different colors to add some details to your pour paintings.

What do you think about this embellished pour by Molly from Molly's Artistry? She just added some lines and voila! 

And here is another acrylic pour by Jenny Nelson that was also embellished with posca pens.

Can you see all the possibilities?

That is why I LOVE Posca Pens! They are so handy and can be used to create wonderful designs.

4. Seascapes Embellished with Rocks, Sand, and Other 3D Objects

A seascape acrylic pour can be embellished with 3D objects like rocks, sand, little toys, seashells, waves, and more. 

Here is an example of an ocean pour I embellished with some of the items mentioned previously. 

The first video below shows how I created the background pour painting. The second video shows the painting after it has been embellished.

Click here to see a list of items I normally use for embellishing my seascape pours.

The 3D waves were created with Luxe Water FX and a little bit of white acrylic paint mixed with some Floetrol. However, you can also use Tri-Art Liquid Glass and a little bit of white acrylic paint mixed with some 3-D Crystal Lacquer to create similar waves.

3D embellishments can add a very unique touch to your seascape paintings but the techniques can also be a little tricky to execute. There are a lot of steps to be taken and specific techniques that are needed to create some of these awesome effects. 

So if you want to turn your boring ocean pours into dazzling pieces of art, click here to take a look at my new Seascapes course.

5. Fluid Art Geode with Crushed Glass, Gems, and Glitter Embellishments

My next favorite acrylic pour to embellish are geodes. You can make some pretty stunning pieces of art just by adding crushed glass, gems, glitter, and metallic accents to your acrylic pours. 

Take a look at this example of a fluid art geode that has been embellished with some crushed glass, glitter, and metallic accents. 

Here is a list of some of my favorite items to embellish Geodes.

Some of my favorite glitters to embellish Geodes that are not included in the list above are listed down below:

And for bold and luscious colors, I use Primary Element pigments from Colourarte.com

They have some AMAZING colors!

*Use Coupon Code love621 to get 20% OFF any purchase on Colouarte.com

Acrylic pouring geodes are soooo fun to make but the process can also be a little complicated for beginners since it requires multiple steps!

If you want to make some Jaw-Dropping Sparkling Geodes but don't want to go through the big learning curve, then check out my new Bling It Geodes course.

6. Embellishing with Stencils 

If you are not good at drawing, you can use stencils to embellish your pours. Take a look at the under-the-sea mermaid painting below. Stencils can turn a Blah painting into a Wow-look-at-you painting!

Here is a video from Olga Soby in which she shows you how to use stencils to embellish your pours!

Here are a few stencils that you could use for your next pour.

7. Decals as Embellishments

Again, if you are not good at drawing, then use some decals.

These three next videos will show you how you can use decals to embellish your pours. Just transfer an image or a phrase onto your acrylic pour painting and you are done.

And guess what... You can purchase some decals on Amazon (like the awesome ones I found for you shown below) or make your own with a Cricut machine!

8. Embellishing with Embossing Powder

Now here is another very unique way of embellishing an acrylic pour. This video by The Charming Giraffe shows how to use embossing powder to add some metallic words to your painting. If you are good with hand lettering or caligraphy, then you will probably like this method.

9. Other Embellishments

There are a lot of cool ways to embellish your acrylic pours and take them to the next level. Here are some additional embellishments that I've personally used.

For example, in this next pour painting, I used Realistic Water, gold Piñata alcohol ink, and crushed glass to add some pizazz.

In this other pour painting I used some Tri Art Liquid Glass and crushed seashells to embellish it.

And this last video shows how some glass glitter can add some awesome sparkle to your pour paintings.


As you can see, there is an ocean of ideas for embellishing acrylic pours. I bet that if you keep looking, you will find more ideas than the ones I've already listed. 

If you are ready to start glamming up your pour paintings, check out the amazing embellishments found at EnchantingFineArt.com!

You will find dazzling sparkly powders, glow-in-the-dark powders, sparkly glitter sand, micro pearls, and more!!!

FYI... if you see a glitter you like, GRAB IT FAST because almost all glitter mixes are custom mixed and are offered only for a Limited Time!

Create fabulous geodes or DIY projects with lots of Bling!

I hope you liked this sea of ideas and are inspired to start embellishing your own pour paintings!

Let me know in the comments below what your next project will be.

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