79 Unique Gifts for Art Lovers and Creative People

I love birthdays and Christmas, however, choosing the best gifts for my artist friends and family makes me feel exhausted and frustrated. So I leave the shopping till last minute.

Not a good idea!

I end up even more frustrated after having to spend hours waiting in long lines. 

If you are a little like me, I bet you will enjoy having a pre-made list of awesome gift ideas for artists that will save you tons of time and a big headache. 

So here is a list I put together of the best gifts for artist lovers and creative people. 

Gift Ideas for Acrylic Pouring Artists 

Take a look at the following awesome gift ideas for beginner or professional acrylic pouring artists.

Acrylic Pouring Kit

If you have a friend who has shown interest in becoming an artist and would love to give painting a try, why not introduce him/her to acrylic pouring. It is a great form of art that doesn't require much experience or talent.

Anyone can do it!

Gifting an acrylic pouring beginner's pack is a great idea. It includes almost everything you need to get started with acrylic pouring right away.

All you need to make it a complete pack is to add some painter's pyramids to keep your canvas raised above the counter while it dries and a sealer (like this Krylon spray) to varnish the painting once it dries.

You also have the option of using a  large cookie sheet instead of a plastic drop to catch the paint drips and protect the working surface.

Pouring Tools

For artsy people that are already into acrylic pouring and already have some beginner supplies, consider giving him/her something that will take their art to the next level like these acrylic pouring strainers, collapsible funnels, stainless steel bead chain, fun pouring cups, turntable/lazy susan (very useful tool for spreading the paint over your canvas through spinning), or a hair dryer (for the dutch pour technique).


What about some paint? Every artist needs more paint!!!

Some of the quality paints that I love are Colourarte Prizm Pours, Amsterdam, Winsor & Newton, and Liquitex.

Use Coupon Code: love621 to get 20% OFF from any Colourarte product.

Art Studio Storage Ideas

Who doesn't love having their art supplies organized and have a clean working space? Well, why not gift a piece of furniture or storage item!

A hobby desk is a great idea for those who need some storage room plus a working table.

The compartments are perfect to store the paint pouring supplies and tools, and the table is great for doing the paint pouring projects.

This adjustable art storage rack is the best! It helps me keep all my artwork organized.

This paint rack is quick and easy to install. Keeps acrylic paints neat and organized.

This art drying and storage rack comes in very handy when fluid artists create several pieces of art and have limited space for letting their artwork dry. 


An apron will surely be appreciated as we artists can stain our clothes pretty easily while painting. So take a look at these cute art aprons on Etsy.

These two aprons on Amazon are also really cool. Take a look at this "This Is What a Really Cool Artist Looks Like" apron and this "Stand Back, I am Having a Creative Moment" apron.

Color Wheel

A color wheel is a must for any artist.

Gifts Ideas for Youtube Artists

Here are some equipment options that will be great additions to any Youtuber's studio setup. 


Whether for making Youtube videos or for marketing your art, a good camera is a must! 

The Canon EOS M50 is a great mirrorless vlogging camera at a reasonable price. 

The Canon EOS M6 Mark II is a mirrorless digital compact camera (Best Canon Camera for 4K Video).


Youtube videos with bad sound will turn off viewers, so a good sound equipment is very important. 

This MAONO USB condenser cardioid microphone comes in a ready to go package as long as you have a computer with an available USB 2 or 3 port available to plug into. It's a solid mic if you are on a budget.

I love that you can connect it to the edge of the desk which helps save up space!


Good lighting is also a super important to capture the vibrancy of the colors when recording art tutorial videos.

This Dazzne desk mount LED Lights or the Diva Ring Light are two great options.

Light Box

And of course, you can't go wrong with a light box since it is sooo necessary for photographing art pieces. Art work sells much better when you show it off in good lighting!

For Professional Artists 

Resin/ Epoxy

If you have a more adventurous professional artist friend, maybe he'd like to try some resin/epoxy in his art.

Resin can be used for soooooo many things.

It can be used for furniture, counters, paintings, skateboards, cutting boards, etc. The possibilities are endless. 

The Stone Coat Countertops Art Coat Epoxy is absolutely fantastic!!! It has NO smell. It is really easy to work with. It is great for beginner or more advanced artists. 

If they have never worked with resin before, there's no need to worry. This epoxy resin is very easy to use. Plus this company has tons of free instructional videos and detailed instructions on how to use it!

Here's a video that you can share with them to help them make their first epoxy art project. 

Gifts for Embellishing Art

Aspiring artists usually want their art to stand out. Adding embellishments to art pieces is usually a great way to make them unique. So here are some embellishment gifts for aspiring artists. 

Also make sure to check out these 9 Ideas for Embellished Acrylic Pours.

Cricut Cutting Machine

A Cricut cutting machine can be a great tool for taking art to a whole new level. Whether you embellish your paintings, water bottles, wine glasses, tshirts, or you use it to create intricate designs on birthday cards, this is a gift that is worth giving!

Here are two Cricut models that you will love!

Posca Pens

If you want a more simple gift, then check out these Posca pens. They can be used to create wonderful designs. Just use different fine point markers/pens in different colors to add some details to your paintings or any other piece of artwork.

Glow In the Dark Powder

I am a fan of glow in the dark powder. It can be used in resin, acrylic paint, mixed into a pouring medium (like Tri-Art Liquid Glass), or even sprinkled onto a painting to create unique pieces of art!

Glam Glitter Powders

Since we are talking about making unique pieces of art, let me introduce you to these amazing GLAM Glitter Powders from FairytaleApothecary.com.

The incredible sparkle from these glitter will add a touch of Glamour to your art!

They are NOT the same as your regular craft store glitters. These are high quality glitters with amazing sparkle, developed for stirring, sprinkling or mixing into resin or acrylics as an additive (not a pigment or dye). 

WOW your clients with art that sparkles and glows unlike anything they've ever seen before! 

Don't just paint... Enchant!

Colourarte Bling It Painted Moon Rocks

OMG... You've got to get your hand on some of these mica painted rocks! They are the absolute best embellishment for seascape pours! They come in different colors... gold, pink, blue, aqua, teal, violet, and more!

Imagine a seashore with these colorful and sparkly rocks??? 

Give them a try! You will LOVE THEM!

Coupon Code: love621 to get 20% OFF from any Colourarte product.

Abalone Shells

And if you are into ocean pours or mixed media paintings... then you can't go wrong with getting some abalone shells. Your art will become sooo unique and glamorous! 

Art Related Gifts

Let's look at some art related gifts. These can be good artsy Christmas gifts or great gift ideas for art lovers.  

Art Courses

Help the artist in your life refine their art skills by gifting them an online course.

Here's an Acrylic Pouring Course for Beginners, a course to learn how to make dazzling Realistic Seascapes, a course to learn how to make Sparkling Geodes, a Color Theory course for creating vibrant-looking paintings, a Beach Scene Tutorial, and a 2 Course Embellishing Bundle (Realistic Seascapes & Sparkling Geodes).


Everybody needs socks! So why not show off your passion for art by wearing some artsy socks with cool art designs. Take a look at these masterpiece art collection socks on Amazon or these fine art crew socks on Etsy. 


While we are talking about clothing, why not take a look at some fine art colorful scarves.

Scarves can be thoughtful gifts for an artistic woman or an artistic girlfriend. 

Painting & Crafts Notes Diary

As an artist, I find myself writing down acrylic pouring recipes, ratios of paint mixtures, color combinations that look beautiful, etc. This made me realize that a painting notes diary would be an awesome gift for someone like me that likes to write down notes when painting or doing a craft.

Grab this leather journal or a wooden laser cut journal.


What a nice gesture to give an artist lover a piece of jewelry that captures the essence of their passion. I went on a hunt for unique jewelry pieces and here is what I found: 


Gifts don't have to be big and expensive. What about a small nice gift like a keychain? I love the simplicity of this "Happy Accidents" inspirational keychain and the colorfulness of this "Create" keychain.

Business Book

For those entrepreneur-minded artists, a little guidance from this Art Money Success business book can help them reach new horizons.

iPhone Case

Almost everybody has an iphone now a days... so why not put on an artsy phone case on it?

Look at this beautiful Jaholan Marbled Phone Case with glitter lines. Or what about this Luolnh Abstract Mint Silicone Phone Case or this stylish iBlason Cosmos Series Bumper Case with a built-in screen protector?

Best Gifts for Teenage Artists & Young Artists

Let's take a look at some of the best gifts for teenage artists and also younger kids. 

All Media Easel Artist Set

This Royal Langnickel All Media Easel Artist Set will keep teenage artists entertained for hours! 

Paint With Water Mini Travel Board

Little children will not get bored when traveling with this Zen Water Board Mini. Paint with water and watch the image disappear! Forget about the paint and the mess.  

Non-toxic Finger Paint

Veggie Baby Finger Paints is a vegan, organic, eco friendly, and non-toxic paint, safe for toddlers. Encourage young artists to explore with these awesome paints.

Lego Art Museum

What a great way to encourage teenagers to develop their problem-solving skills while introducing them to the art world with this Solomon R. Guggenheim Lego Art Museum.

Luxury Gifts for Artists

If you really want to pamper that special creative person in your life, then check out these luxury gifts for artists. They are unique, useful, and totally worth it! 

Graphic Drawing Monitor

The Wacom DTK2420K0 Cintiq Pro 24 is a truly amazing gift that any digital artist would appreciate. It's a drawing monitor with fantastic resolution and color accuracy. It's etched glass screen reduces glare for a comfortable drawing experience.

Drafting and Crafting Table

For many artists, a drafting or craft table is necessary. Yet, many of them can't really afford it. So here is where you come in. This SD Studio Designs Adjustable Drafting, Craft, Drawing Hobby Table is a gift that will surely be appreciated. 

Airbrush Paint Set

The Createx Airbrush Paint Set comes with 66 wicked colors (2oz/bottle) suitable for any substrate from fabric to automotive applications. This kit also comes with a color mixing wheel, plastic mixing cups, and a "How to Airbrush" guide.

High End Markers

This set of premier double-ended markers will brighten up any painting or sketch with it's dye-based alcohol ink. Featuring a small tip for details and a brush tip for larger areas.

3D Printer

Now here's a really unique and fun gift... a 3D printer. With this 3d printing technology, artists can now easily bring to life whatever their imagination desires.

My 3D printer of choice is the Dremel Digilab 3D45 as it is built for anyone from a first-time user to advanced professional to operate. It was designed for high quality and reliability, and is one of the best 3D printer options for printing advanced materials such as ECO ABS, Nylon, PETG and PLA. 

The Elegoo Saturn MSLA 3D Printer is my next choice. It is one of the leading resin 3D printer brand on the market. It has a user friendly interface, you can print multiple full-sized models at the same time, which can dramatically improve your productivity, and delivers high quality prints.

Laser Printer

While we are talking about cool machines, let's take a look at a laser printer as a luxury gift option. This is one of my dream gifts!

The creation possibilities are endless with a laser printer. Cut, engrave, and shape designs from a variety of materials. Make unique items to gift, keep, or sell. Create stunning 3D engraved items. Transform your home with custom home decor.

You can even launch a business with it!

The Glowforge Plus 3D Laser Printer is my number 1 pick! The xTool M1 Laser Engraver is a relatively new printer but also a great option.

Let's Shop

I hope this extensive list of unique gifts has something for that special artist in your life. 

Remember... shipping can take longer than expected during the holidays so don't leave the shopping till last minute.

I have given you plenty of gift ideas, so shop with confidence! 

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